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Apply the DNA Method to your business, and career or use it with your team to change mindsets for higher performance. The DNA of High-Performance Leadership series of programs are the results of over 20 years of research on what it takes to turn dreams into achievable projects, and ultimately into success and fulfillment.


Bring awareness, commitment, discipline, focus, flow, resilience, perseverance, and passion for your work. As neuroscience shows, the body and mind function symbiotically, where thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence each other. Leadership and peak performance empowers individuals to identify the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that will drive them to reach peak performance holistically, allowing talent to perform in its entirety.


Leadership and Peak Performance enable individuals to fulfill their potential while building a sound foundation to make personal and professional decisions. Our programs are tailored to each business. You and or your team will increase performance by applying the DNA Method to your business.


Peak Performance is an exciting and creative process which consists in specialized knowledge in human performance. This process helps Athletes to maximize their potential and achieve their desired results. Differently from occasional interventions that some companies and clubs undertake, our Peak
Performance programs have a revolutionary characteristic, it offers constant performance
enhancement through specialized tools so they can maximize their emotional, mental, physical and
technical potential.


This Leadership Program is a process directed toward executives, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders committed to getting their maximum potential. Private sessions with Eric Faro, the creator of the DNA Method are available upon request and case by case.


As neuroscience show us the body and mind functioning as two-way street. Thoughts, emotions and
behaviors influence each other. Our, High-Performance Leadership  program for pastors and ministry leaders empowers behaviors, thoughts, clarity of purpose, and values. It works beyond the emotional states that drives each one of us to reach High-Performance in a natural way. Our program allows you to pinpoint talents to perform in its entirety. Our program brings light to clarity and alignment of objectives while focusing on specific callings and dreams. It encourages leaders to obtain new achievements, maximize their potential to reach desired results in their ministries.


Whether you are looking to motivate your leaders, train your teams, or deliver a highly motivational and educational event. Our Keynotes are available to inspire hearts and challenge minds. We design the DNA Workshops to create the best environment to lead, empower, advance, and dare. 


We create DNA Retreats in partnership with churches and organizations to help them create a peaceful and insightful day or weekend for their members and teams. Similar to the workshops, we design the retreats to produce the best environment to lead, empower, advance, and dare its participants to answer their calling, establish their mission, and identify the core values leading their decision-making process, choices and actions. In addition, we coach participants by helping them establish their strategies, goals, and objectives aligned with their DNA.

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