About The DNA Method

The DNA Method

Based on extensive research in the areas of Human Development, Neuroscience, Leadership and High-Performance the DNA Method was created to change lives. C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs and Pastors tested and approved this method in the USA and Brazil. Athletes from the Jiu-Jitsu and MMA world along with other forms of sports have successfully applied the concepts, technologies and tools of the DNA Method. Athletes like world champions Cris Cyborg and Andre Galvao, have both used our tools to help them achieve higher focus and outstanding results. The same concept we used to help champions and high-profile executives maintain focus and get success is what you will find with the DNA Method Framework, principles and tools.

The DNA Method focus on four main areas of your life:


The DNA Method will show you that through faith in God, you will receive all that you need to carry out God's Plan. You will gain wisdom, strength, courage, resilience, patience, perseverance, peace and joy.


The DNA Method will teach you to lead your life with the high-performance mindset of an athlete. You will learn principles and habits, that will help you reach goals and have a fulfilled ilife. When you become the leader of your own life, you will live with intention and purpose.


The DNA Method will guide your through your daily necessary actions (DNA) to help you gain the awareness, confidence, discipline and focus, required to perform at a higher level. The DNA Method will help you turn your calling into a purposeful life.


Mindfulness keeps you grounded in the present and aware of your feelings. It brings a variety of benefits: improving both psychological and physical health. The DNA Method uses specific tools to help increase mindfulness and as a result better your health, daily performance and well-being sustainably.

What is the DNA?

The DNA Method will help align your daily actions to have a deep impact on the results you generate in life. We call DNA the daily necessary actions you need to help you achieve your life dreams and goals.


Eric Faro

Eric Faro is an American-Brazilian business executive. He has an extraordinary love for God, life, sports, and people. He created the DNA Method to share his passion for life and God and to live the dream of helping YOU to lead a passionate, purposeful God-centered, extraordinary life.

Eric is the author of “The DNA of High-Performance Leadership: 5 Daily Necessary Actions to Lead an Extraordinary Life” and the creator of the DNA High-Performance Leadership Model. He is an expert in the fields of leadership and high performance, with extensive experience in performance psychology and human development.

From Miami to California or from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo Eric spends his days with clients doing what he loves the most, creating a flourishing environment to help people answer their true calling. Guiding people on how to live up to their full potential, maximize their natural talents, abilities, and current opportunities in their personal or professional lives.

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